Get Up & Grow

"We're adults. When did that happen? And how do we make it stop? "


So I was talking to my co-teacher this morning about growth. ( In an attempt to forget about the fact that a girl had just puked during the class before and she had to clean it up.) I commented that there were a lot of tall girls in the class that was coming in and she said that they tend to stop growing at age 15. I tried to remember when I stopped growing but couldn’t. Next, she told me that girls normally stop growing when they get their first period. I could not confirm or deny that. According to her, parents some times take their daughters to get shots that keep them from having their first period so that they can keep getting taller….


Does that work?! Really it doesn’t matter because it’s still crazy as hell either way. So I asked her ” Well what does it matter if they are tall?” and she said ” It looks good.” I swear Koreans are some of the most appearance crazy people I have ever seen.  The worst part is that they aren’t even chasing their own ideals….they want to be like Europeans. I find it interesting that they are like that because everyone else in the world thinks that Asians are so beautiful.


I also wonder about race relations here. I have heard some truly sad things about how people have been treated but I have not been treated that way myself. One person told me that their friend has it rough at his school. The some of the kids won’t take candy from him because they say he has ” The Monkey Disease”. ( AIDS)  This guy does not have AIDS but for some reason, these ignorant people in that area assume that he does. Aside from being asked if I’m from Africa on the subway and having the students think that every black person they see on the classroom screen is me…I haven’t had too much of a hassle. Honestly, I think it’s easier for women here….especially if the locals find you attractive.  They seem to be very interested in my hair. ( Which they can’t believe is REAL)

Bottom line for me is this: If you can get on the internet or your phone and learn about Angry birds and the Cleveland Indians, you can know something about other people and other cultures. There are a lot of ignorant parents passing inaccurate information to their kids everywhere…not just in Korea.


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