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Dream Diary

Yesterday, a conversation about The Secret started in one of the Facebook groups I am in. I always like to see that people are interested in it and are applying it in their lives. I think that since I have moved here, I haven’t really been focusing as much on it….rather I’ve been just focusing on keeping a positive attitude through the day. I can remember one thing that I wrote here that kind of tied into The Secret and it ended up coming true for a little while. The problem was that I let my thinking turn negative again and I lost my blessing.

Anyway, one woman was talking about how she has this Positive Dream Diary where she writes the positive things that happen to her and the things that she wants. She told the story of how she wrote an entry about her perfect man and what he would do with and for her. Two weeks later, her current boyfriend asked her out. She then wrote about getting all As that semester in college and that too came true. Many people will say that it was just a coincidence or that those things were kind of in her control but I definitely think that our lives are shaped by the thoughts that we have.

It’s amazing how strong of a force the human mind is. We can create and destroy with nothing more than a thought. Well I decided to start one of those dream diaries. I need to make it back to COEX mall because they actually had a notebook for sale for that purpose. Anyway, last night I wrote my first entry…my perfect man. I wrote everything that I could think of and I think that maybe I was a little too specific but hey, this is my dream! I am determined that this week, I will get the ball rolling with either a new friend or a new love interest. My social life is not going to kickstart itself. Don’t like being single? Change it! Start talking to people….get to know them. Find someone with common interests or maybe not so common interests so that they can teach you a little something new. I would love to find the man who I wrote about this week.


November 21, 2011 - Posted by | Affirmation, Less than 3

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