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First Snow

This morning, all of the staff had to take a picture together outside the school building. I heard an announcement being made but of course I had no idea what the lady was talking about. My co-teacher came running into the English room to tell me that we had to take a picture. I looked down at my jeans and frumpy coat and sighed of course. Why can’t they ever tell me these things before the last second?! Well I went out there and of course I saw the teacher that I had a crush on when I first got here. Honestly, I still get a little fluttery when I see him but from what I hear, the man is married so that’s just over.

On the way outside, my co-teacher informed me that we had our first snow during the early morning. ( around 5am) apparently it was mixed with rain but it was still our first snow. There were no traces of it when I woke up so I knew nothing about it until she said something. I was thinking about how much winter sucks when she told me something else. ” When there is first snow, you are supposed to be with your boyfriend.” I took a second to think about what. I asked her if that was something that they did for good luck and she said that it was just for ” a romantic time”. My answer was the same as it always is. ” Too bad I don’t have one of those.” As we got to the outside my co-teacher leaned toward me and said ” Yeah but…you can make it.”
She meant that I could find myself a boyfriend. All I kept thinking was Yes….yes I can.


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