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Finding my Passion

I recently read a blog post from Curiousity Killed the Kat in which she asked what her readers were passionate about. I can come up with all kinds of generic answers that involve different aspects of my life but when it comes down to it, I come up short. I have realized recently that I am not really passionate about anything anymore. Sure, there are things that I want to do and things that I enjoy doing but when it comes to having a burning desire and love for something….I just can’t think of anything.

When I was teaching dance, I would say that dance was my passion. I never took master classes or brushed up on my technique outside of my classroom so I really don’t think that it was dance that I was passionate about. I think that what I really loved was the opportunities I got everyday to change the lives of my students. I loved watching those students who came in with a stank attitude become beautiful dancers. I loved knowing that students who had a hard time in their other classes thought as my class as a place to let go and express themselves. I am very rarely able to talk to people about my job as a dance teacher without shedding a fear tears for the sheer joy that it brought me.

Another possible passion of mine is love. I am passionate about relationships. I am totally clueless about what it really takes to have a successful relationship. Ok….strike that….I KNOW what it takes but the challenge is breaking through years and years of learned behavior to become the woman that I need to be in order to have that successful relationship. So I would say that I am passionate about anything involving love. So that includes romance novels ( esp anything paranormal like vampires and witches), weddings ( and wedding planning), dating, sex….the list goes on. This is part of the reason that I have decided to write my own romance novels. I have spent so much time living through the books of others and I’d like the chance to write some of my own ideas into a book.

I think that another thing that I love is learning about other cultures. I like to learn languages, dances, customs….you name it. Traveling will become a hobby of mine now that I am over here and in a position to go places.

Cooking is something that I also love to do. I love to learn to make dishes from other countries. Cooking as become a way for me to take my mind off of everything. I love that my skills are growing and that I can cook delicious meals for others. Another aspect of this is the fact that I now have more in common with my mother. I can share recipes with her and talk about what works and what doesn’t. This is really important to me because for so long, I felt like that was something she and my sister had in common and I was left out. I have come to realize that my connection to my mother is really important to me.

Hmm…I guess I am passionate about some things. I want to get more involved with a few things as well. In this list, there is photography, physical fitness, healthy living, and crafts like knitting and crochet. I’d also like to have more of a social life. :0) Maybe next time I answer this question, I will be able to add those things to the list of things that I am passionate about.

Well…gotta teach this last class of the day. ANOTHER open class today….BLEH.


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