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30 Days of Truth/ Day 5

Something you would love to do in your life:

My ultimate goal in life is to own a successful dance school. I don’t want to call it a dance studio because that label makes me think of  little girls with too much make up on and costumes that cost their parents hundreds of dollars but they will never wear again. It makes me think of snotty dancers who decide to take dance classes at school for fun and treat everyone else like crap because they aren’t studio dancers. I don’t like the images that come to mind when I think about the studio dancers I have dealt with in the past. No, I want to have a dance school.

In my dance school, students will learn about dance technique, history, theory, careers, and notation. They will learn to express themselves by choreographing their own works.  I want my students to appreciate dance for what it is….not what the media has made it into. I want them to realize that without African and Jazz dance…there would be no hip-hop dance. These students will be able to learn technique in ballet, jazz, modern, African, lyrical, hip-hop, ballroom, and various folk dances from around the world. I will bring in guest artists from other countries to do residencies.   My school will not be all about showing off…they will fundraise to help with the costs of costumes and they will also participate in community service. I want to develop not only great dancers, but great leaders and people as well. Basically, I would like to run my school like a public school program. They will be able to get internships and learn about performing arts related careers. They will perform and also learn about how to run a show from behind the scenes. ( Lights, stage managing, sound, programs, advertising, etc.) They will learn to notate dance so that years from now, young dancers can read the notation and recreate works that they choreographed and performed.

A while ago, I was talking to a co-worker of mine and she was talking about her dream to open a triple-threat studio. Students would be able to study dance, theater, and music. ( Instrumental and voice) I thought that was a great idea as well. I wouldn’t mind going into business with someone like her and making both of our dreams a reality. While part of me wants to go into business by myself and be able to call all the shots, another part of me knows that two heads are better than one and I need someone to balance me out. I am a very impulsive person and I have a feeling that I would have a hard time with the business and financial aspects.

I don’t know exactly when or where I will open this school but it is only a matter of time. I w ill know when the time is right but it will happen before I leave this world…


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