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30 Days of Truth: Day 7

Someone who makes your life worth living:

My first teaching job in Arizona was complete bullshit. I was attracted to the Fine Arts signature that the school had but honestly, the administrators didn’t care that much about the Arts. Jessica was teaching PE at the same school when we met and we had the same feelings about teaching Elementary school kids….it just wasn’t for us. I didn’t hang out with her that much while we were there…mostly when I was invited to events by mutual friends. I do, however, remember sticking up for her when those same mutual friends were unfair or rude to her or behind her back. I instantly liked her but I think that she and I are both loners. That next school year, we both moved up to the High school district.

We started hanging out a lot more right before I decided to move here to Korea. I found that talking to her was so easy and fun. We did things like grab dinner, watch movies, go shopping…but she is one person that I could spend a lot of time with and never get tired of.

So, we have this “mutual friend” I say it like that because I honestly don’t care for this person at all. I think she is self-centered and boring. Anyway, this person is actually her best friend. One of the things that I admire about Jessica is that she is so damn caring and she doesn’t have my knack for cutting people off for little or no reason. She is so loyal, even to those who do not deserve it.  More than anything, I just want her to learn to be selfish sometimes and do things for herself JUST BECAUSE. I can’t wait for her to start teaching abroad….she deserves some happiness and she has worked SO HARD.

Jessica and I couldn’t be more alike if we tried. We are both into making things ( knitting, crochet, etc.), camping, teaching, and reading. We are both challenged  and a bit angry at times when it comes to dating. We have almost the same sense of humor and I find myself laughing like a crazy person when we are together.

I want to start talking to her more…I haven’t had much of a chance since I’ve been here. That is about to change because she is honestly one of the best people I’ve ever had in my life.


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