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30 Days of Truth: Day 11

Something people seem to compliment you on the most:

This one is easy. People don’t really notice the things about me that I wish they would. The one thing that I get compliments on more than anything is my body. I know that most people would be really happy about that. I’ve never had any weight issues and I am top heavy….it’s what most women dream of having. The problem is that I feel that a lot of men see me as a side piece. They look at my body and don’t see wife material, they see someone who they could “have fun with” for a little while. I have a profile on a popular dating site here in Korea and 9 times out of 10, within the first five minutes of talking to someone from there, they are commenting on my body. ( No matter how I arrange my pictures or write about wanting a GENTLEMAN in my profile.) I want to be more than a pair of floating boobs to men.  I feel like they get so damn distracted and all they ever think about when it comes to me is sex.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my body….though it isn’t what it once was. I just don’t want it to be the only thing that people think I have going for me! I think I have a complex about this because when I was in high school, I had a jealous friend. When she found out that any guy liked me, she would remind me that it was just because I had big boobs. I think that I started to believe her!  I think that I am very sensitive about it because any time a man comments about my body, I get defensive and assume that he’s a jerk.  I definitely need to work on being able to take a compliment about it without assuming that the man is just looking for a sexy good time.


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At First Sight

Their eyes met from across the street and it was love at first sight for him. He felt his heart rate increase as he stopped to openly stare at her. She was about 5’5″ and curvy in all the right places. Her long hair,which was loc’d, fell well beyond her bare cocoa brown shoulders to the middle of her back. The smile on her face was genuine and easy as it spread all the way to her large, almond-shaped eyes. An angry driver honked as he made his way across the street to where she stood. Refusing to take his eyes off of her for s second, he feared she might disappear.


She watched him walk in to the street with no regard for the on coming traffic and shook her head slowly. He was going to get himself hurt. Was it possible that he really was looking at her? Glancing behind her, she saw nothing but the Starbucks she’d just stepped out of with her chamomile tea. No one was standing behind her.  Maybe he hasn’t had his morning caffeine fix, she thought as he came to a stop in front of her.

” Hi.” He said, extending a hand to her and smiling. His full lips pulled back from a set of beautiful white teeth.

“Hi” She said,  shifting her cup and accepting his hand. She  listened intently as he gave her his name then offered hers.

Wow, his whiskey colored eyes were amazing…

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