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"We're adults. When did that happen? And how do we make it stop? "


Let’s go back to these unrealistic expectations that I have as a result of too many romance novels…

One thing that I have noticed is that I require a lot of attention from men. In my head, I tell myself that I don’t REALLY expect them to spend every free moment texting me or calling me or being with me but…if I could have it that way, I would love it. I think that I forget that some people ( not me) have lives and can’t be on their phones sending emoticons and sweet little messages all day.  It has ruined many a relationship and it’s the reason why B3 and I will probably never be together.

Are there men out there who require just as much time and attention? Honestly, the people who have come and go in my life that were even remotely close to as needy as I am have annoyed the hell out of me. That should say something to me….the message should be loud and clear.

I’ve always been just a little too eager…never good at playing hard to get. ( Not that playing hard to get is cute because it really isn’t.)

SO anyway…I think I’ve been bitten by the FAMILY bug again lately. It’s probably due to the fact that so many people got engaged and announced their pregnancies during the holiday season. I just think that sharing a life and creating life are two of the most beautiful things that we get to do and some times it seems like I’m the only person not doing it! I understand that these are perfectly normal feelings to have but it still doesn’t keep me from feeling like a creeper when I talk to people about it. People have a way of throwing every over used saying in the book at you to try to make you feel better.

I’m still young. Check.

I have plenty of time. Check.

When I stop looking, love with find me. Check.

There’s someone out there who is perfect for me. Check.

Yep. Got it. Cool but…it doesn’t change anything for me. My heart still wants what it wants.



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