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30 Days of Truth: Day 16

Something or Someone that you definitely could live without:

I could definitely live without dishonest people. Some are just flat-out liars and some just let you have the wrong idea so that they can gain something from it. Life would totally rock without people like that in it.  There really are a lot of people out there who can lie and not feel bad about it. There are people who cheat and steal their way through life and they never get caught or punished for it.

I could definitely live without being given the  ” I’m the perfect package” speech from a guy and then finding out that they are nothing like what they said.

“I’m sick of all of the dating. I want to settle down” LIE

” I’m in no hurry. You are worth the wait.” LIE

” I think cheating is just wrong and I don’t do it. ” LIE

” Looks aren’t the most important thing.” LIE

Don’t get me wrong…I haven’t give anyone the chance to tell me much of anything lately so this isn’t coming from recent experiences but…it has happened quite a bit in the past.

There are people out there who are exactly what they say they are and I really appreciate that. There is no reason for a grown people to fib like a little kid and misrepresent themselves. I think that recently I have met a lot more honest people and you really can tell the difference in the way they carry themselves. I used to think that there were no warning signs that someone was a liar….now I’m not so sure of that. I think that before I just wanted to believe that everyone was basically good and that most people would not do anything to hurt me. Not that I have turned into a completely paranoid person, but I think I’ve gotten better at watching my own back.

It’s kind of sad the things that you have to learn to do to survive in today’s world….some people are really shitty…here’s to meeting and hanging on to more of those people who aren’t!


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