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They always want to know why…

I switched off my profile on that dating site and I did so without that uneasy feeling that you get when you know you are doing something you’ll regret later. I will go back to it at another time…when I’m in a better place that is more conducive to dating. I hate how they always want to ask you two or three times to explain why you are leaving the site. There are only so many ways that you can say ” I just want to enjoy being single!”

A friend of mine sent their wedding pictures to me this morning and I really enjoyed looking at them. I had no idea she was so creative. The wedding and reception were very simple but elegant. I really loved her ideas! It was the first time that I was able to look at wedding pictures and changed marital status posts without feeling jealous or sorry for myself. I felt nothing other than awe at the things she was able to do with her wedding. I told her that if I got married I would love to hear her ideas.

I said IF not because ” it isn’t looking good” or because I think there is a possibility that I won’t find someone for me….I said IF because I have a choice.

I love these moments of clarity and I never really know how long they will last. I am enjoying this! I’m in Korea! I am about to take an 18 day trip to Malaysia and Singapore! There are things to explore and experience and I’ve been too busy being miserable to get out there!  I’m about to pick up this damn camera that I paid so much money for and get it poppin’.


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