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"We're adults. When did that happen? And how do we make it stop? "


I am so excited to be going home today. I definitely think that 18 days was too long. I can’t wait to sleep in my bed and see my dog. I have to go back to school tomorrow morning so I can’t pick him up until after that. :0(

This has been the most stressful vacation I’ve ever had. On the upside, I’ve done a lot of thinking about my next 6 months in Korea and what I need to do. I want to give it my all and ensure that I am asked to come back for another contract. I also need to take SEI 45 hour as well as the 120 hour TESOL course. I will do all of this within 6 months. That way, I have. Lot of options. I think that I want to stay in Korea for another year but just move to another area. If I stay with my current school, I want to find my own apartment. ( with either an extra room or a loft…preferably a nice loft. )
I am in a position to make some great things happen in these 6 months…there’s no way I’m dropping the ball on this.


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