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"We're adults. When did that happen? And how do we make it stop? "

Never put off until tomorrow…

I have learned a valuable lesson today. If there are warning signs and red flags when you are around someone…TAKE IT TO HEART! When people show you who they really are…believe them.

I have come to realize that avoiding people in general is not the way to avoid drama… avoiding people who love to bathe in drama is the way to do it. Some people have to be in the middle of drama or creating drama everywhere they go. If you are not being confrontational and rude, they think you are being fake or not keeping it 100 with them. No, there are just some things in life that aren’t worth starting a war over….most things actually.

Today I have been set free from a connection from a person whose personality does not mesh well with mine. I can’t deal with people who are so angry and bitter that they make the lives of others uncomfortable. I can’t be around someone who says such ugly things about their “friends” behind their backs. I need positive people in my life.

Here’s to drama free fun!


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