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All of this for nothing?!

I am a little frustrated right now. It’s nothing that is going to ruin my week or anything but I just wish that the communication with my co-teachers was better. I’ve been asking over and over for the last couple of weeks what kind schedule they want to be on as far as starting the new semester is concerned and they told me that they wanted to start the book immediately. Now, here we are in our first full week back and they are making all of these changes. I made my unit plans according to what they told me and now they wait until the day before (usually at the end of the day) to let me know that they had something else in mind. So basically, my lesson plans get pushed out the door completely because they want to do something else. Mind you, these things that they want to add are usually really helpful things and I would have no problem with it if they would tell me ahead of time…maybe even when I ask them about it?!

We are supposed to have a meeting on Thursdays and this week I will make sure that we do…even though it will be my birthday. I want to make sure that I mention that I need more notice for things that like and also that when they make decisions about how all of the English classes will be run, I want to be informed about it. They came in this week with all of these new procedures and didn’t say anything to me! And I’m the person who suggested at the end of last semester that we come up with department wide procedures!!!

Now I’m being told that the drama class is going to be starting on March 15th and that I have to leave my classroom on Thursdays so that they can use this room for it. Ok, I offered to make preparing for the drama competition part of my enrichment class but they told me that starting now would be too early. So they are letting my co-teacher do it starting now…? They just didn’t want me to teach the class. HELL NO! Don’t let the person with a six years of experience and a degree in teaching a performing art teach the class!!! That’s too much like the right thing to do.

I’m feeling like I might not make it to Thursday and I might have to say something. I don’t want to hold it in and end up acting like a jerk because I’m holding on to it.


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