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Happiness on the Horizon

I think this is something that I’ve talked about before but it i still something that I am working on. It’s so easy to see happiness as the next step. What I mean is…we spend so much time thinking about how happy we will be once ( insert event) happens. At this moment, I am so focused on leaving my current school and getting a “fresh start” and I am not working to find my happiness in right now. I’ll admit, I love to dream about and plan for the future and most people do but what is lost is the ability to appreciate what is going on in our lives at this exact time. Ever since I got the job offer at my new school, I’ve done nothing but think about what my new apartment will look like…how I will decorate it…getting new utility accounts….teaching without a co-teacher…working evenings instead of days…etc. I have taught myself that until my current contract ends, I have no business being happy.

Happiness should not be something that is always just out of reach. Once this contract is up and I move into my new apartment in July…start my new job in August…there will be some other life event that I will be depending on for my happiness. That’s no way to live but…how does one focus on the joy in today? (Esp.when they do not like their current situation…) I think that’s something I might want to look into…read about…do some soul-searching about.


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