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I am getting no closer to writing this book. I have a few pages scribbled into a random notebook and a few more pages on both PCs. *sigh* From the outside looking it, it would appear that I don’t care about this at all. But I know I do…I perk up every time I see a blog about self-publishing…I get the urge to write and make notes and be creative. What’s the problem?

I think that I need a time and space to devote to writing. Everyday, I should go to a specific space at a specific time and write. ( Even if I don’t feel like it….even if I’m tired…even if I have a headache.) There are very few things that I absolutely MAKE myself do no matter what. Maybe I should start.

So, I decide a couple of months ago that a novel was a bit much for me at this time. I want to take things one step at a time and start with a short story. I definitely wouldn’t mind having my short story selling on Kindles everywhere for 99 cents. Hey, it’s a start and it would make me very happy.

I have read so many novels like the one I want to write. Paranormal romance and romance in general is all I read and I just find myself thinking ” How in the hell could I ever write something this wonderful?” I mean, my favorite authors make me feel so many things! Can I actually write something that is that great? Something that other people can relate to? Something they will love and want more of?

Doubt and fear…that’s what it boils down to. I know all of the published authors that I talk to always say to write without fear but that’s so much easier said than done! I’m told to just write and not to even read it over until later. Make corrections and changes later…for now, just get what you want to say out.

Ok…I think I can do that…


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Google Generation

“Umm i dont understand why people always dissing on hoes or prostitude i did some..research about virgin mary and she was one too…”

“”Ivy Blue is Beyonce and Jay z’s daughter I.V.Y = Illuminati’s Very Youngest B.L.U.E = Born Living Under Evil Spelt Backwards (Eulb Yvi) = Latin for”Lucifers Daughter” ….. That’s Fucking Crazy….”

These are some of the status updates from former students of mine. These students are still in high school in Arizona and I seriously worry about the state of education there.  These kids believe everything they see on Google when they type something in! They have no concept of what it is to do research with BOOKS instead of Wikipedia. I absolutely LOVE technology but I’m also glad that I learned how to write and do research properly before all of this technology completely took over. That needs to still be a priority in the classroom and it’s part of the reason that I did weekly journals in my class. The kids were always complaining that it was a dance class and there shouldn’t be any writing but I saw their writing improve! NOW they understand!

Here is an update that I posted in response to all of the nonsense I was seeing:

“Please ladies and gentlemen…..don’t accept everything you see on TV or the internet as the truth! Do your own research somewhere other than Google! Pick up a BOOK…you know…that thing with the paper sticking out of it that has words on it. If you are going to search the internet, use sources that are scholarly….like University websites and library databases. Start there….not Wikipedia or anywhere else where people can post whatever they want even if it’s not true. When you google stuff, over half of what you find will be someone’s personal opinion. Make informed decisions and comments…do not just believe the first thing that pops up!”

It blew my mind when I was living there to hear that there were students in our school who:

a) Didn’t know their left from right

b) Couldn’t self address an envelope because they didn’t know where to put the information OR they didn’t know their home address

c) Didn’t know the difference between they’re/their/there or your/you’re or right/write

d) Didn’t know the names of their teachers even after being in their classes for months

Here is another status update that I made in response to the spelling I saw on some pages:

” Hey guys? Let’s talk for a second…
There- a place or to exist ” I want to go there” or ” There is a party down the street”
Their- ownership ” They were shaking their butts”
They’re- They + are ” They’re going to close early for the holidays”
Your- Ownership- ” I really like your hair”
You’re- You+Are ” You’re really getting on my nerves!”
Right- The opposite of left or correct ” Turn right at t…he corner” or ” Your answer was right”….It’s not what you do with a pen or pencil on paper.I want you HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE STUDENTS to try harder with these things because in the real world, they don’t except proposals, contracts, paper,etc written in poor English or texting language.
So u juss gotta l3t all dis kinda stuff go…. at some point. ( And stop adding extra Es to everything…that’s just annoying! (AF)”

There were a few students who had graduated who commented on this status to say that I was right and that they were having to completely change the way they wrote because they were now in college or working. I want to be able to teach them these things BEFORE they get into a situation where they absolutely HAVE TO change.  That way, the transition is not so hard.
Sometimes I wonder what this world is going to be like once the Google Generation takes over. It’s a scary thought and I don’t say that as a put down to them but it’s true. I think that in places like Arizona, the educational system has failed them…a lot of the parents have failed them…and they have not worked up to their full potential because of laziness and priority problems….which comes back around to the parents.
Thinking about this makes me want to finish this Admin certificate and go back to the States to kick some butt…it’s something that I am considering since I am only one 45 hour course away from being able to get certified in the state of AZ. I think that from an admin position, I have the opportunity to reach out in so many directions: to students, teachers, parents, government,etc.  I think it’s time to really think about this.

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30 Days of Truth: Day 17

A book that you’ve read that changed your views on something:

Please see this post that I did a little while ago about the books that I like to read. I think that I more than answered this question there. :0)

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Top 5 Reasons I Wish I Could Live in a Romance Novel

I like to read romance novels. When I was young, I used to look at the covers of my Mother’s collection and think how lame the books must have been. Then I finally opened one up and read some of it. I really got hooked when I stumbled onto the work of L.A.Banks and Sherrilyn Kenyon. Ever since then, I have been constantly on the search for more paranormal romance novels. So as I finished another book tonight, I had a couple of thoughts about what life would be like if I lived in one of these novels. Here are my top 5 reasons that I wish I could live in a paranormal romance novel.

#5- The men are always SO SEXY! They always have a dangerous sex appeal and the authors describe them in such a way that almost makes you sweat. They can be tan with dark hair or pale with sparkling blue eyes, either way, the are always drop dead gorgeous. When you get into a good series, there are always 3 or more sexy men who are all friends or related in some way and they each get their own book. Can you imagine living around all of those hot men?!

#4- The women are always so strong. Sometimes they are feisty and independent, and sometimes they are quiet and don’t know they are strong until something bad happens and they have to kill a bad guy or use some newly discovered power. I love that the women in these stories show their strength and determination. Not only that, but they are willing to do whatever they have to do in order to be with their man.

#3- The love is unconditional. I love those stories where the woman starts off being insecure about her body or about something that happened in her past and then this sexy, powerful man comes into her life and shows her that she IS desirable and beautiful. I think that we all need that some times and in these stories, they always get that. No matter what….extra pounds, scars, violence in their past…..these men truly LOVE their women.

#2- The sex is amazing! The authors always write these amazing sex scenes that leave you hot and bothered but what drives it home for me is the fact that the sex is amazing BECAUSE these two people were meant for each other and they actually love one another. The connection between them is so strong emotionally that their bodies are completely in sync.

#1- The woman always gets her man and they always live happily ever after. No matter how much they can’t stand each other at the beginning or what/who threatens to tear them apart during the story, you always know that they will fall in love and be happy together. Everything is going to work out. I like that I can count on that. I crave that kind of security in my own life though I know it isn’t realistic.

So having said that…I wonder if reading so many romance novels has filled me up with unrealistic expectations and silly dreams. Is it possible that paranormal romance novels have ruined me for real men?

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