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30 Days of Truth: Day 11

Something people seem to compliment you on the most:

This one is easy. People don’t really notice the things about me that I wish they would. The one thing that I get compliments on more than anything is my body. I know that most people would be really happy about that. I’ve never had any weight issues and I am top heavy….it’s what most women dream of having. The problem is that I feel that a lot of men see me as a side piece. They look at my body and don’t see wife material, they see someone who they could “have fun with” for a little while. I have a profile on a popular dating site here in Korea and 9 times out of 10, within the first five minutes of talking to someone from there, they are commenting on my body. ( No matter how I arrange my pictures or write about wanting a GENTLEMAN in my profile.) I want to be more than a pair of floating boobs to men.  I feel like they get so damn distracted and all they ever think about when it comes to me is sex.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my body….though it isn’t what it once was. I just don’t want it to be the only thing that people think I have going for me! I think I have a complex about this because when I was in high school, I had a jealous friend. When she found out that any guy liked me, she would remind me that it was just because I had big boobs. I think that I started to believe her!  I think that I am very sensitive about it because any time a man comments about my body, I get defensive and assume that he’s a jerk.  I definitely need to work on being able to take a compliment about it without assuming that the man is just looking for a sexy good time.

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I Want a Man Who…

I want a man who understands the importance of getting to know someone. I want him to LIKE the process of COURTING me and not think of it as just a stupid game he has to play in order to get some tail.

I want a man who is patient enough to let me feel what I am feeling and does not jump to make assumptions about what kind of person I am just because I get confused or jealous or eager.

I want a man who understands that just like him, I am flawed and I make mistakes.

I want a man who can be honest with me about things and who doesn’t beat around the bush like a child who has done something bad and doesn’t want to tell me about it.

I want a man who SAYS he wants to spend time with me and then actually MAKES THE EFFORT to do so.

I want a man who thinks of great things for us to do together that don’t involve drinking or sex ALL THE TIME.

I want a man who loves the sound of my voice and my laughter.

I want a man who is at a stage in his life where he is open to a serious relationship and possibly marriage.

I want a man who does not use the word “girl” when talking about females in their 20s and up. We are WOMEN, not young girls or playthings.

I want a man who understands that sometimes having sex too soon can change things for the worst.

I want a man who likes the man that he has become since meeting me.

I want a man who is just as eager to know me as I am to know him.

I want a man who is less concerned about my body and more concerned with how I feel and who I am.

I want a man who is proud to hold my hand in public….


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