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Vacation Day 7

We decided to go into the jungle to see the orangutans today but it is raining and the staff can’t get them to come out. I guess they just walk around the grounds.

I got a couple of pictures but there was not much going on without the orangutans around. We have another 30mins before the van pics us up to go back to the hotel. I’m ready now. We are sitting under a little shelter in the rain spraying ourselves with mosquito repellent. It’s cool to see the jungle but there is nothing else happening. I wonder if we will get our money back for this part of the package since we didn’t actually see any orangutans…?
Tomorrow is our last night here and Sunday evening we take off for Singapore.

Earlier today, we had breakfast at Old Town then did some shopping. I bought a bunch of shirts for cheap. I definitely can’t do much more shopping. Thankfully I had money set aside for this trip. :0)
More info to come.




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